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Unique Design Associates(UDA) provide a design and consultancy service. We specialise in ‘enabling environments’ for people with dementia, whilst reducing care costs using design elements such as lighting, colour, acoustics, layout and landscape design.

UDA Architect is leading architect and interior designer firm having office in Agra. UDA Architect since its inception involved in building stunning and user centric 3D designs as per the clients requirement. Architects in UDA Architect understands clients requirement and prepare design according;e whether it is Vastu design, maximum space utilization or foundation designs. As a part of exterior services they provide.



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Unique Design Architect is a reputed Interior Designer Company in Agra delivering top-quality, highly-efficient interior designing solutions for a decade. At UDA, Interior Designing is not just a work of decoration of four walls with ceiling and floor.
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Architecture is an art form that has
the ability to delight, inspire, and transform.